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The Scientific Non-Commercial Foundation “Expert Institute” (Exin) was established in 1991 by the Scientific-Industrial Union of the USSR (now – The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs - RSPP) as a non-commercial scientific-research center. Since 1996 Exin operates as an independent research organization in the field of economics and business dedicated to facilitate the nation’s successful economic and social development through the advancement of research-based knowledge and applied policy and business analysis.


Оur main goal is to intellectually promote the competitiveness of the economy and successful business development, welfare of the country and form an objective image of Russia's business abroad.
Expert Institute conducts regular monitoring and comprehensive analysis of the socio-economic situation in Russia and the world, supports the principles and practice of free enterprise, participating in policy-making business in Russia and abroad.
We are consolidating the research efforts of scientific and expert elites, connecting the best intellectual forces with practical economics, business and government.
On the basis of our own research, we develop specific recommendations for the formation of effective economic policy, strive to improve the quality of public debate and develop a professional dialogue on critical issues of socio-economic development.
Fulfilling the social order of society, business and government, we are certainly committed to freedom of expression, the principles of scientific objectivity and independence from that or those private interests.

Board of Trustees:

Anatoly G. Aksakov, Deputy of the State Duma, Member of the Committee for Financial Market, President of Association of Regional Banks of Russia;

Evgeny E. Gavrilenkov, Chief Economist of investmet company “Troika Dialog”;

Igor M. Klyamkin, Chief Scientist, Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Science;

Seppo Remes, President of FIM Financial Services and Kiuru Partners Investment Fund;

Yakov M. Urinson, Memeber of the Board, Deputy Director General of Russian Nanotechnology Corporation;

Dmitry B. Zimin, Honorary President of Vympel Communications.

Board of Trustees President:

Evgeny G. Yasin, professor,Scientific Supervisor of the State University - Higher School of Economics, President of The Liberal Mission Foundation.

Chairman of the Scientific Council:

Leonid M. Grigoriev, professor, President, Institute for Energy&Finance.

Staff:15 research fellows and employees, including 9 with academic degrees; in addition more than 100 experts collaborate on a contractual basis annually.
Main customers and beneficiaries: the headquarters and regional divisions of RSPP, Ministries and other Governmental Departments at the Federal and regional levels, Russian and foreign companies, international organizations, Embassies and Trade Representations of foreign countries in Russia, large non-financial corporations and financial institutions.
Scope and scale of activities: reports, surveys, written expert opinions, other analytical materials, conferences, round-table discussions, seminars covering a variety of actual national and international issues and meeting the requirements of business community.
Priority areas of activity:

  • Investigation of investment climate in Russia;
  • Studies in the area of financial markets and exchange business;
  • Enterprises operating under market reforms: models of behaviour, boundaries of stability, analysis of financial economic performance, survival methods, reform problems;
  • Analysis of regional processes in Russia: socio-economic positions of regions, budgets of regions and municipal formations, formulation of industrial policy at the regional level;
  • Problems of employment, social partnership, improvement of social sphere at federal, regional and municipal levels.

Here are some of the scientific-research projects of the recent 3 years: Analysis of possibilities for opening up the Russian financial markets to foreign financial instruments; Elaborating of the methodological solution for organization of the analysis of the financial conditions of the industrial enterprises in Russia; Suggestions concerning the immediate measures in the field of financing of the joint projects and reforming the regulation and taxing of the power engineering (related to the Russia-EEC energy-dialogue); Program aimed at reforming the public finances administration in Perm district (oblast); Samara district (oblast) in socio-economic system of Russia under conditions of globalization: retrospective analysis and the perspectives; Methodological, organizational and technical support for the implementation of a pilot project to create an electronic floor for shares in hi-tech companies as a separate segment of an existing stock exchange; Elaborating of the facility to monitor and to analyse the competitiveness of the Russian economy as an instrument of decision-taking in the state macro-economy policies; Main clauses of the strategy for the socio-economic development of Samara district (oblast) until 2015; A system of indicators of a steady development of Samara district (oblast); Restructuring of the social infrastructure and social projects of the enterprises, in relation to which LLC “Evrazholding” acts as a managing institution, with the purpose to use social reports in compliance with the international standards; Analytical guide-book “1000 best enterprises in Russia”, based on the results of the annual All-Russia competition “The best of the Russian enterprises”.

Reports: Economic conditions and investment climate in Russia (annual); Actual problems of business development in the real sector of economy.

Conferences: Amnesty of capitals: problems and perspectives; Russian economic situation and investment climate in Russia (annually); Russia-China banking forum; Investment forums in Moscow, Los-Angeles, Milan, Shanghai, Duesseldorf, Jerusalem; Restructuring of Russian industrial enterprises (TERF-projects 1,2,3); Studies of the experience of the entrepreneurial associations in the FRG.

Information data bases: financial and economic data on 5,000 largest industrial enterprises of all regions of the RF; main economic indicators for 89 regions of Russia; professional dossier on the profile experts.


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